Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fall Update

I've been on hiatus, hopefully I can keep updated with my running a little better. As the fall comes to an end I fell pretty good about my results. The Whistlestop Half Marathon was Oct. 13th, my training consistency was very up and down with no regular schedule. I had a very tough time following my training plan, I was able to follow my schedule in regards to my long runs and my hard and easy days. However I focused more on just getting in distance and running furlaks and tempo verses track workouts.

The race itself when fairly well. The starting temp was a balmy 40 degree. I focused on starting out easy and letting the run come to me. Around mile 3 I let loose and got into a good tempo. It was a fun race, I basically ran 7:30 mile pace. I was in good control of my running, and breathing came very easy. I really didn't feel like I was pushing hard, but I was running fast!

I finished the race with a chip time of 1:42:14, which is a new PR for me! My pace was 7:49 overall which I am happy with the fact that I wasn't very confident in my training.

As for now I have been taking it relatively easy the past few weeks averaging 20-25 miles a week and doing some strength training in the gym. This spring I plan on redeeming myself and running Grandma's Marathon with a stellar result. I will need to get back on the horse here pretty soon and figure out my training schedule and start increasing my mileage. Here's to winter running. Cheers!