Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Year

Well it's been a few weeks because I have been trying to work through a hard decision to pull the plug on training for Grandma's Marathon this year. I am already registered and have paid for the privilege. However it is just that, a privilege to run and train for a marathon and sometimes you have to make hard decisions.

My training this year has been very good, I haven't missed a workout and have been progressing as planned. However this late summer my wife will be expecting twin girls. As she progresses, I realize that my 16+ mile Saturday morning runs are harder on her then they are on me with having to wake at 6:30am to care for our 20 month old boy. I also know that as we get further into the summer and her pregnancy, she will most likely go on bed rest. I will not have the support needed to run a marathon and she will not have the support that she shouldn't have to ask for.

Being a runner is a wonderful thing. It will be with me through having children, it will be with me while I raise my children and hopefully it will be something I can pass on to my children or at least its principles of patience, consistence, determination, planning, reflecting and freedom.

This will be a year of maintaining, half marathon's and 10K's. I will have to focus on family, work and look to next year for another marathon and someday Boston.