Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weeks End

I ended up putting in some good miles this week on top of a killer work schedule where I didn't get home much earlier then 7pm each night and 11pm on Thursday. It was a good week, I sold some houses, but I don't like that schedule at the expense of my family. Hopefully it will be more balanced from here out.

Today is Easter and after eating about 6000 calories my brother Dan got me out the door for a 4 mile run. I thought I was going to puke, but it was good to get the blood moving.

4/6 2mi treadmill 530am
4/7 3mi treadmill 530am
4/8 8.5 7:45 pace 930am
4/9 5 8:12 pace 900am
4/11 9.5 7:38 pace 11 am
4/12 4.5 8:40pace 645pm

Total 32.5 miles

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday Run

Somehow my longer run during the week have been taking place on Wednesday's. Tuesday's and Thursday's have been to busy and usually on Wednesday's I drop Carter at school and I go to a coffee shop and work until I have to pick him up. Last week I decided to run and enjoyed the free time some much I did the same this week. This week the weather was much easier to run in and I ran the same route along White Bear Lakes southeast boarder. I was a little sluggish the first couple miles going into the wind, but as soon as I was able to cut the wind I ran effortlessly.

8.5 mi 7:45 pace 33 degrees

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weeks End

After a busy last weekend and missing my long run, I rebounded well this week and put in some more good base miles. Below is this week in review.

3/30 2 mi treadmill
3/31 4 mi 8:35 pace 148 HR treadmill
4/1 8.5 mi 7:51 pace 164 HR
4/2 3 mi 9:00 pace treadmill
4/3 4 mi 7:47 pace (16:48/14:21)
4/4 8.5 mi 8:14 pace
4/5 4 mi 8:28 pace treadmill

Total: 34 Miles

Friday, April 3, 2009

Test of Balance

As a Realtor putting in long hours nights and weekends is hard especssially with three kids under 3 year old. However the flexiblity of mornings and afternoons to run is well worth it, it's a good balance, just don't tell Lisa that.

Currently work is very busy and I am having to make time to run based of my work and family schedule (yes running comes after family and work). So my usual Tuesday and Thursday mediem/hard effort runs were made into maintainance runs. Wednesday I was able to sneak in 8.5 miles along White Bear Lakes southeast boarder which was a good run as the snow fell. It will probabley be the last run of the season with the snow is falling around me. There is something about running in snow and rain that puts you in the zone and makes you very aware of your thoughts and body as put in a good effort. It was a nice farewell to winter.