Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally Warmth

Well warmer than its been around here in awhile. I've been starting to go stir crazy on the treadmill. This mornings I ran with the Tri Fitness group for an hour at a real easy pace. The morning sunrise was beautiful over White Bear Lake and it was nice to enjoy it without a bitting wind in my face.

6.5 miles, 9:10 pace, 20 degrees, 7am

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Double

Double run today. Started with a morning five miles in a cold foggy air. The daytime temp yesterday was in the low 30's causing the snow to melt which created the fog this morning. This morning it was about 10 degrees and the moisture created frost on every thing which was neat to see through the fog. It also made for some frost eye lashes and frosty clothes.

My second run today was a speedy 4 miles on the treadmill averaging between 7.5 and 8.3 mph. I felt good on both runs.

Monday, January 5, 2009

And A New Year

Happy New Year to myself and anyone else who may stumble upon this post. The last week of '08 ended with some good running. Sunday the 28th I ran with a group from Tri Fitness in White Bear Lake. We ran a comfortable 10 miles, it was the first time in awhile running over 6 miles or so, I felt good and actually finished pretty strong.

This new years week I have been getting in 3-5 miles everyday and finished last night, Sunday with a treadmill exercise called "Sevens". It was a hell of a workout and I will give you the rundown below:

90sec 6% grade at marathon pace
60sec flat recovery jog
60sec 7% grade at marathon pace
2min flat recovery jog
This equals one set

5.5miles 5 sets of Sevens 45min Treadmill