Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hittin' It

The past couple of days have been good runs. Yesterday I did 9 miles on the river roads. A light snow pack covered the asphalt paths providing a good footing that was comfortable under the foot. Often those paths have a thick uncomfortable hard pack that is hard to run on, but the past couple of warm days melted that pack and new snow fell lightly Friday night.

The run yesterday went well with a moderate pace and a time of 1:11:17. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor to focus on my effort verses checking the monitor and not listening to myself. However I did a light treadmill workout this evening and for the first time registered and low heart rate zone which is something I was missing.

5miles @ 9 min pace. 137 HR

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Few Days in Review

Saturday long run felt good, moderate pace.

9miles @ 8 min pace. 156HR

Busy with work both Sunday and Monday. Tuesday was also a busy day with work, but I didn't want to miss another day, ecspecially a hard day. Run was after a long day. 8pm, dark, mild temps around 20 degrees.

7miles @ 8 min pace. 156 HR

Light workout today, at least I tried to keep at a recovery pace. My heart rate was in the low to mid 160's the whole time. I think work and excessive coffee are starting to catch up.

4miles @ 9:15 pace. 161 HR

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not Feelin It

Windy day with 25 mph winds, which didn't bother me as much as the packed uneven paths today. I felt unsteady and it sapped all the energy right out of me and I ended up changing my route to hit some hills resulting in 4 miles instead of 6. I'm planning on getting in another 3 miles on the treadmill tonight.

My new year resolution to eat better started out good today with my lunch and dinner packed, however I was very hungery around 3pm and ate my dinner and had a bunch of Oreo cookies as I drove around looking at properties. Already cheating myself.

4 miles @8:30 pace. 156 HR

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Giddy - New Year Run

Started out the New Year inside with a hard treadmill 3 miler. Not the distance I wanted, but I was short on time and thought I would make up the effort with a grade between 4-7% for all 3 miles. I was a little sore from Monday's squats, but after the first half mile I was in the groove.

Today I was also inside on the treadmill since it's about -5 degrees outside. I am planning on keeping my weekly schedule and doing a longer run tomorrow (Thursday) outside. However I did get a sighting of Carrie Tollefson today at the gym. That was pretty neat since I was doing planks, which I read about last night in Runner's World that she recommended for core workouts.

4 mile @ 9 min pace. 152 HR