Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Good Base

I'm feeling pretty good that I have established good base miles through the past couple of months. This week I started adding on some miles and I felt very comfortable with the increase. I have been running 20-25 miles a week with mostly shorter runs and a 6 mile run on the weekends. This week was as follows:

3/16 5mi 36:54
3/17 6mi 3mi 28:10 am/3mi 26:07 pm
3/19 6mi 51:55 (Harriet & Calhoun)
3/21 10mi 1:16:25 (Bald Eagle Lake)
3/22 3mi 28:35

Total 30mi

So a couple more weeks of 30-35 miles and I will be ready to start training for Grandma's Half Marathon in June!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy Week

Note to self: four days off does not do the body good. After a busy week I finally got out this morning for a run. My body feels good, as it should with a few days off, but I felt very sluggish today. I meant to take it slow and just get the blood flowing, however I ended up running a quicker pace than I should have.

5 miles. 38:31. 167HR 33degrees