Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lighting Run

During this mornings run I enjoyed a lighting show in the dark sky over head. It was pretty cool at first until a bolt struck down a mile ahead of me. At that point it was more creepy than cool.

Last week was my down week before I ramp up the miles these next three week. The next three weeks should be between 55-60 miles and that will be my peak mileage for training. After these three weeks I will be reducing mileage for another three until race day.

My running/ training has been very good to this point. The one thing I really need to work on is eating better foods and not indulging in ice cream and a couple of Summit beers in the evening. Those two things together are my greatest weakness. A beer in the evening won't kill you, but after some sweets and possibly a fast food meal during the day, it all adds to junk in my system and hampers recovery and efficiency.

8/17 5 mi 9:00 pace 5:30am
8/18 10 mi UST track workout (2 x 4mi tempo)
8/20 5.5 mi 7:20 pace 8am
8/21 5.5 mi 8:00 pace 5:30
8/22 14 mi 8:05 pace 5:30

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Go Farve! Go Vikes!

That's all I have to say about that. Last week was a good week and it's as follows. I am still working on getting a better feel for my pacing and struggling with what to realistically set for a marathon pace. I also realized today I have 524 miles on the current shoe, time for a new pair.

8/10 4.5mi 8:00 pace 5:30am

8/11 10mi UST 4x1mile (7:09,7:06,7:01,7:30) 2X800 10:30am

8/12 5.5mi 8:20 pace 5:30am

8/13 10mi 3mi GP 5X800 (3:45) 3mi Tempo

8/15 20mi 8:30 pace 6am

Total 50 miles

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A little lucky

I got a little lucky getting all of my miles in this week. In particular my long run on Saturday where after awaking up to thunder all night the skies cleared and I was able to get out the door at 5:30 and into cool moist conditions. During the beginning of the run it was still dark and I only knew that there were heavy clouds over head. As I finished my first loop and was east facing, I could see the clouds parting and the sunrise illuminating the breaks in the clouds, pretty awsome sight to start the day with. About a half hour later there was a dark bank of thunder clouds moving in and thought I might get rain, but as I ended my second loop I was just on the southern edge of the storm and just got a light rain to end my run with, it was great. Later in the day talking with my brother in-law Jared, who live just 10 miles north of me got caught in heavy rain and lightening halfway through his long run and that's when I realized my luck.

8/3 5mi 7pm

8/4 10mi track wkout

8/5 5mi 8:57 pace 6:pm

8/6 10mi 8:06 pace 1:30pm

8/8 18.5 8:08 pace 5:30am

8/9 3mi easy 8pm

Total 51 miles