Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lighting Run

During this mornings run I enjoyed a lighting show in the dark sky over head. It was pretty cool at first until a bolt struck down a mile ahead of me. At that point it was more creepy than cool.

Last week was my down week before I ramp up the miles these next three week. The next three weeks should be between 55-60 miles and that will be my peak mileage for training. After these three weeks I will be reducing mileage for another three until race day.

My running/ training has been very good to this point. The one thing I really need to work on is eating better foods and not indulging in ice cream and a couple of Summit beers in the evening. Those two things together are my greatest weakness. A beer in the evening won't kill you, but after some sweets and possibly a fast food meal during the day, it all adds to junk in my system and hampers recovery and efficiency.

8/17 5 mi 9:00 pace 5:30am
8/18 10 mi UST track workout (2 x 4mi tempo)
8/20 5.5 mi 7:20 pace 8am
8/21 5.5 mi 8:00 pace 5:30
8/22 14 mi 8:05 pace 5:30


scarlet said...

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CJT said...

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