Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Good Group

I got a chance to run this morning with a group out of a White Bear Lake store, Run, Swim, Tri. My past experience with running groups has always been lackluster in terms of experienced runners. This group was all above average to experienced distance runners, so it was nice running with a group where the average distance today was 10miles. I look forward to future Saturday morning runs with them.

10 miles@ 8 min pace. 156HR

Friday, December 28, 2007

Pumping Hard

Not feeling much better about HR today with a easy 3miler. Tried to take it easy, but blinding snow in the eyes made it a little difficult to concentrate.

3 mi @ 9 min pace. 160 HR

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Christmas Gift

A good gift for a runner, and it's the only thing I asked for, a Heart Rate Monitor! So today I took it out on a run for the first time. My high and low limits were set at 124-162, which sounds right for my age. My AVERAGE heart rate was 169 bpm. That's crazy! For how long and the amount of running I do, I hope this is wrong or I need to see the doctor. Last night my resting heart rate was 52 bpm which is pretty low, so there is a wide margin to account for. I will keep playing with it and hopefully be on a better path.

6mi @ 8:07 pace. 169 HR

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting Cold and Getting Strong

Freezing is more like it! The past couple of years have pampered us here in the north country with little snow and mild temps before Christmas, however this year mother nature is reminding us Minnesotans where we live. I ran 8 miles yesterday starting at sunset with the temperature at about zero and ending around -3, felt good during the run and was plenty warm.

Currently I am working on building a good base of easier miles as I work to increase my mileage during the cold days ahead. I have been running a lot of miles inside on the treadmill while incorporating strength training with weights. From here out I will run three easy days (Mon., Wed., Fri.) inside while strength training and my longer runs (Tues., Thur., Sat.) outside on the road.

I am really focusing right now on just increasing my mileage at a comfortable pace, hoping to get a heart rate monitor for X-Mas (greedy) so after the new year I can start running with an idea of how hard I am working.

My goals are set to start training for Grandma's Marathon on March 4th this coming year.
Time to redeem myself!