Monday, March 31, 2008

Long time gone

Indeed I have been gone a long time. I just currently finished week 4 of my 16 week training schedule for Grandma's Marathon, scheduled for June 21st in Duluth Minnesota. This past week was my best week training with a total of 41 miles. As far as the prior 3 weeks I will give a run down on miles at the bottom of the post, however work has been busy, but I should be more balanced good forward to get in all my workouts.

The coming weeks I am aiming to increase my milage so by the end of May I will have 3 , 60+ mile weeks. My strategy this year is to consentrate on more good miles and pick up some speed workout toward the end of the longer weeks and into June. Hoo Ahh.

Week 1 - 27 mi
Week 2 - 28 mi
Week 3 - 21 mi