Sunday, September 13, 2009

got to have faith

The wheels feel off last week. Just under two weeks ago I tweaked my knee doing a hill workout. I wasn't able to run much, only a few short runs on the track and I missed my 20 miler for my peak week. I did do a lot of mountain biking, which didn't bother my knee. I ended up getting a light knee brace and felt pretty good Thursday over 7 miles, 8 miles yesterday and I did 15 miles today. My knee felt pretty good for the 15 miles, but I struggled toward the end of the run, which may have been due to the 8 yesterday in hot, humid weather. Anyways that the update, now I've got to have faith in all the miles I've put in with only 3 weeks til the marathon.


CJT said...


CJT said...

Why did the weels fall off?